So Big!

You’re all grown up, or at least you pretend to be and finally you’re in a position to make some of your own gosh-darn decisions for your own gosh-darn self. You look out with a mean eye and a raised eyebrow, “Bring it on world, gimme a decision… set it up I’ll knock it on its…” Unfortunately, the world heard you beating your chest, slapping the waves, and taunting the sea. So, voila! A big decision for you.

You can’t go left, you can’t go right, the only way is through. Nothing happens next except through this decision first. Suddenly, you don’t feel so big. You want advice and you seek it out.

One person tells you what to do and you think, “Yeah, that’s what you would do. But what should I do?!” You move on to the next person. This person doesn’t even give you any advice, they just tell you a story from their own life that has vague similarities to your own. The next person you talk to declines to comment, telling you, “It’s your decision to make” and maybe they throw in the old, “I’ll support you no matter what you decide.” You’re like, “I gosh-darn hope so! Why would you even bring that up?!”

You’re going to get advice you don’t like and won’t follow, sympathy from those who care about you, and support from those who love you. But, you are stuck making your own gosh-darn decisions for your own gosh-darn self. And no matter what decision you make it will feel uncomfortable, dangerous, arbitrary, and earth-shattering, because that’s what it feels like when you take the reigns of your life, make your own gosh-darn decisions, and ride off into the sunset… or sunrise… or maybe you want to ride out at high noon… I’ll support you whichever you decide. It’s no one else’s decision to make.


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