Sunrise Ceremony

Eric Clapton sang about “the sunshine of your love.” Shakespeare let slip from Romeo’s lips a mouthful of morning metaphor when he wrote, “…it is the east, and Juliet the sun.” Or something along those lines.

Cliché after cliché stack up and spill over the sides of the metaphor bin, like VHS tapes at gas stations in the middle of nowhere. You can have 4 for a dollar. “That’s okay, I think I already have a copy of Pretty Woman.” 12 for a dollar… “okay, take ’em they’re all yours we’re just going to through them away.”

But these frequently flung phrases are flung so freely because they make visible or taste-able or hear-able the invisible emotional and psychological transformation that happens when you love and are loved.

So, go ahead and get married as the sun rises. And don’t be afraid to say you didn’t even know it was dark until you met the light of your life. And go ahead and say that you didn’t even know you were cold until the radiance of your beloved’s love warmed your skin. I’d love to be there for that.


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