To Church or Not To Church

Churches are pretty places. Most of them are pretty places anyway. However, churches are also pretty religious places. Most of them anyway. So when you’re deciding where you are going to tie your strings into a knot with your beloved you’ll probably be encountering what has become a classic contemporary conflict between religion and aesthetics when it comes to the architecture of your wedding.

It used to be the case that no one was really allowed to go into God’s “House.” It just wasn’t safe. They used to tie a rope around the priests just in case encountering God literally killed them. And that was when it was still just a tent.

It is currently the case that many people connect with God through experiences in the natural world. We’re talking about hiking. We’re talking about rivers in the evening and dry mouthed, sweaty sleeping bags, and cooing birds in the morning.

If the last 15 years has taught us anything it’s that it can be just as ugly and just as beautiful in a church as it is outside.

Damned if you do? Damned if you don’t?

I don’t think so. The real question is what it means to you and to your beloved that you are getting married in this place in the world at this time in your lives. And, you don’t have to figure out the answer to that question on your own.


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