Fun and Beautiful

Even when we made a last minute change and cut out the tandem bike we were going to ride away on, Chase was able to change his notes and speak extemporaneously and eloquently with little notice. He made our ceremony fun and beautiful and stress free so we could enjoy our special day with no worries.


Daunting and Confusing

It was clear that, while this was our only wedding, Chase had done many before, and he brought a calm expertise to what otherwise could have been a daunting and confusing mess. Though nothing was set in stone and everything was open to our approval, it was very reassuring to have him give us possible outlines for the ceremony and remind us of traditional parts that we may be forgetting.

Unconventional, Personal

We had a great time working with Chase on our wedding. From our first exchanges and meetings, we could tell he was interested in what both of us wanted out of the ceremony. Even better, in some great discussions with us about our relationship, he helped us articulate many of the less concrete feelings we had about how the wedding should be, as he’d done many ceremonies before and this was our first. He was very accommodating of all our ideas, no matter how unconventional, and he truly really helped our wedding become the personal expression of our love we wanted it to be.